My creative style has always been to work toward the minimal, this body of work continues that pursuit. Questions of Perception explores how far the image can be distilled yet reference what exists just beyond the frame. I draw inspiration from Andrew Wyeth who said, “I think it’s what you take out of a picture that counts. There’s a residue, an invisible shadow.”
This work grows out of my fascination with the sensuous shapes and textures of New Mexico’s regional architecture. In the early 20th century (1908 - 1912) Santa Fe’s “Pueblo Revival” architecture fused the regions historic architecture with modernist elements. Today these walls, historic and modern, interact with the light creating a rich palette of irregular surfaces and amazing shadows. Through selective composition I work to flatten visual space, isolating the bold expressive gestures of shadow and subtle nuances of light.
New Mexico’s light and structures have provided creative inspiration for generations of artists. Mindful of the groundbreaking imagery of artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Strand and John Marin, I strive to create images that invite the viewer to engage the intuitive mind in the act of seeing.
Philip, 2010