Surface Tension (2010-2012) marks the beginning of my exploration of nonobjective imagery; earlier abstractions used more defined subject matter. Here my intent is to eliminate the viewers’ involvement with a specific object and instead encourage appreciation of the lyrical rhythm of the gesture. While the imagery is clearly influenced by the work of the Abstract Expressionists, specifically Franz Klein, Richard Diebenkorn and Aaron Siskind, it is not intended as direct reference to any artist or artwork.

This body of work is an exploration of the intransience of surface and ephemerality of gesture. Accordingly, the creative choices I make are genuinely intuitive. One of the more obvious constructs in many of the images is a line vertically bisecting the composition. This line began appearing in the work early on, most likely as a subconscious desire to impose order on the chaos. In the finished prints, this line functions as something for the viewer to hold on to while simultaneously provoking questions regarding the source of the image.